Let’s improve the daily lives of dyslexics together!

Based in Paris, Lexilight is a small business with a great ambition: improving the daily lives of dyslexics by making reading easier.

In order to fulfil this ambition, we need you! Dyslexics, dyslexics’ families, early childhood specialists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists… You are the prime experts in this field and as such, the best critics of our products.

That's why we created Lexilab, a user community that helps us improve our lamps as well as all the products that will soon play a part in making dyslexics' life easier.

What are you waiting for? Become a pioneer. Come and improve the present and invent the future with us! Come and join us,


6th Grade student and Pioneer

With this lamp, reading is easier, you can see the letters better and you can't go wrong.


Year 13 and Pioneer

Nothing moves anymore, it's now clearer, it's not blurred, it's crystal clear!


Entrepreneur and Pioneer

The letters were much clearer and it allowed me to distinguish them better.

The new Lexilight

Thanks to your feedback, we have been able to improve the Lexilight 1.0 that’s been available since the start of 2018.

More powerful and equipped with more precise settings, the new model will allow uninterrupted reading in almost any environment.

The light intensity is now adjustable to allow you to read in all ambient light conditions, on your desk in the middle of the day or on your bedside table at night.

The revamped design guarantees a perfect synergy between ergonomics and aesthetics. The choice of materials for this new model was made on the basis of feedback from our first users to promote strength and durability. Thus, the new lamp has a 10-year guarantee.

Pioneering users will been to exchange the old lamp with the new one as soon as it is released. So what are you waiting for? Order the Lexilight 1.0 to help improve our products and the daily lives of dyslexic people.

Mads Johann Øgaard

We are honoured to have the Norwegian artist Mads Johann Øgaard as one of the pioneers of the LexiLab. Mads, the author and director of multiple award-winning short films, was able to test the Prototype version of the Lexilight and told us about his experience.

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