Lexilightis a reading aid lamp for dyslexics. Placed on a desk or a bedside table, it tailors the light to everyone's needs.

Already available,the prototype has been tested and approved by 90% of our users. And, thanks to the testimonies and critics we've received, we have already a improved it!

As soon as Septembre 2019, the final version of the Lexilight lamp will be available. If you already own the prototype, you may then replace it with the new version for free.

• Reading aid lamp for dyslexics

• 90% of satisfied users

• Prototype already available

• New version available in September

• Free replacement with new version


549€ TTC



Lexilight is a reading aid lamp for dyslexics. Placed on a desk or bedside table, it allows you to customize the light according to your needs.

Soon available, the new model of the Lexilight lamp will take into account all the feedback from our users.

See you in September 2019 to buy the new Lexilight lamp! If you own the prototype, you can still exchange it for our new version for free.

In the meantime, we invite you to discover the LexiLab program.

• Reading aid lamp for dyslexics

• Soon available

• In the meantime, discover the LexiLab program

  • Secure payment
    Secure payment
  • Free delivery under 7 days
    Free delivery under 7 days
  • 30-day money back guarantee
    30-day money back guarantee
  • Free payment plan
    Free payment plan

How does it work??

Lexilight's technology combines pulsated and modulated light and enables the suppression of the mirror image that dyslexics see.

Very easy to use, our lamp is equipped with two adjustements knobs: one adjusts sharpness while the other helps creating space between letters.


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Your questions
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According to the tests conducted by our team, the Lexilight lamp works on nearly 90% of dyslexics. If you'd like to test the efficiency of our technology, you can try the lamp in our offices in Paris or Rennes (France). You can also enjoy a 30-day trial after purchase.

It is possible to pay in 3 installments free of charge by credit card for any order. The option will be offered to you at the time of payment, at the very end of the order. It is a free and secure service, and all our usual warranties apply. The order total is automatically divided into 3 payments:
- A first third is paid when ordering
- A second third is automatically withdrawn after 30 days
- And the last third is automatically withdrawn after 60 days

It is possible to come and test the lamp in Paris or Rennes. To do this, you can make an appointment with our teams by clicking here, or you can test the lamp at home during the 30-day trial period. If you are not convinced, simply return the lamp to us using the return form.

The Lexilight lamp was designed to help dyslexic children learn to read. In this way, a child will be able to benefit from this technology from the very beginning of his or her reading learning. However, the lamp can also be very useful for dyslexics who are already experienced in reading since it allows them to read longer without getting tired.


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