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The first-ever lamp designed to help dyslexic people read.

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The dyslexics community

Dyslexia is a little-know, often misdiagnosed disorder. In order to better meet sufferers’ needs, we at Lexilight had the idea of creating a community: Lexilab. Our goal is to draw directly on comments and experiences of our clients to improve the lives of dyslexics.
Join us! Our action will be more effective together!

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This lamp is awesome and helps me improve. I feel like I'm reading as fast as the others in my class.
Charlotte, 9yo
This helps me a lot and boosts my self-confidence
Naima, 16yo
I can see the letters easily and the words are more spread out
Lucas, 11yo

On average, three children per class are dyslexic

Dyslexia affects many children. This reading disability often leads to academic problems and a loss of self-confidence. With Lexilight, we want to bring back a love of reading for those who previously feared it, allowing children to reach their full potential is our driving force.

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What is dyslexia exactly?

The latest research shows that people with this disorder have two dominant eyes. Upon reading text, an image is super-imposed on the text, creating a mirror effect and impeding the ability to read.

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Lexilight's effects

By combining both pulsed and modulated light, our technology suppresses the mirror effect. It improved the reading ability of almost all dyslexics.

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Meet the team

Like in the classroom, here at Lexilight you will find all types of people, the romantic, the dreamer, the champion of plastic arts… All with the common objective: to allow dyslexics of all ages to dream and build a brighter future.


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